Our story begins in South Africa and is inspired by tales of distant lands and centuries of culinary fusion that has brought our Global Kitchen to the shores of America. 

South Africa was founded by the Dutch in 1652 to secure the lucrative spice trade route between Europe and India and establish a midway station for passing ships that could provide fresh produce and nourish weary sailors.

It is an iconic landmark from this period that inspired our brand and logo. Nestled in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands, the Old Drostdy (commonly known as The Dros), with its classical Cape Dutch architecture, was established in 1692 as the administrative and judicial center of the district. It is in this district where European, Eastern, and native African cultures combined to weave a rich tapestry of fusion flavors that inspired our heritage and love for food today. 

Fast forward three centuries, and we founded the iconic Dros restaurant, an indelible landmark in the vibrant tapestry of Stellenbosch's food scene. Combining the architectural design of the world-renowned Stellenbosch wine cellars, delectable cuisine and a welcoming ambiance, The Dros soon became one of the leading restaurants in the heart of one of the most popular tourist areas in the world.  Three decades later, The Dros is a household name in South Africa, celebrated not only for its restaurants but also for its signature range of sauces and condiments that grace kitchens across the nation.

Yet, it was on our game farm, nestled in the southern tip of Africa, where our vision for a Global Kitchen was born. Like the halfway station of old that welcomed weary sailors, we would welcome travelers from across the globe to our game farm. This is where we entertained our guests with stories of adventure, shared the secrets of our kitchen, and learned culinary secrets from our guests from far flung corners of the globe. Every meal was an invitation to savor the simple joys of life and bask in the warmth of human connection. This is where American visitors indulged in our sauces and condiments, expressing their desire to purchase them back in America.

Now, like the spice ships of old, as we set sail for the sunshine state of Florida, we carry with us the spirit of Africa and love for global cuisine that we seek to share with every American. 

Our mission is to extend a heartfelt invitation to the American consumer - a journey through taste and culture, where every bite tells a story, and every meal fosters a bond across continents.