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America's Chutney - Mild 12oz

America's Chutney - Mild 12oz

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America’s Chutney

A unique condiment made of peaches, apricots, and raisins. Using plenty of fruits, a variety of seasonings, and spices, we created a delicious All-American version of this timeless classic. We are new to America and we love it here! From South Africa, we followed our family to the USA.

In South Africa, we owned restaurants and created and sold our own brand of sauces.

Americans know a good thing when they taste it. Our sauces were too good to leave on the other side of the globe. With gratitude and love, we share our best with our new country.

TIP - Our chutney is ideal for making your own bbq sauce! Being both sweet and savory it elevates curries, stews, meat, chicken, dips, wraps, sandwiches... and brings a whole new level of WOW to grilled cheese sandwiches. Try it!

12oz (355ML) bottle

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